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 6 Common Shipping Mistakes to Avoid when Managing Your Shipping Online

Do you want to effectively and successfully manage your shipping online? Here are 6 common shipping mistakes to avoid!

Shipping is important when selling items online and all successful and experienced retailers know it includes much more than just packaging and sending the product in a box.

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Ú Shipping can be really fun and a creative way to show your customers how serious are you when it comes to your business. Shipping allows you to create “wow” moment for your customers and boost extra sales. But, on the other side, it can also be really expensive and complicated as you try to navigate things such as accessorial charges, service level, and etc.

Luckily for all of us, there are a few things the shippers can do to avoid common shipping problems:


1. Allow your customers choose when their package will arrive – The truth is that every customer is different. There are customers who want free shipping, there are others who want fast shipping, and etc. According to one research, more than 80% of the USA citizens would choose free shipping where the product arrives in 5-7 working days. Those that find fast shipping a better option than a free shipping, are willing to pay more than 10$ for the shipping. By offering your customers multiple shipping options, they can select what is most important to them and that is cost or arrival time.

2. Always listen to your customers – Having satisfied customers is the end goal of every business owner and entrepreneur. If you want your customers to be happy and satisfied you need to listen to what they have to say. Not listening to your customers, as well as, their needs is one of the most common mistakes you can make. Customers will offer a feedback about how their package arrived, how the product was wrapped up, and etc. When they offer feedback, make sure to listen to them, carefully.

3. Use the right packaging – Believe it or not – packaging is important but really really important. It protects the product, it helps you build your brand’s identity and image, it determines how much you will be charged by the shipping carrier, and etc. If you don’t take a proper care for the packaging, you cannot expect to run a successful store.


4. Don’t guess the shipping costs – You should know exactly how much your shipping costs are. You cannot just guess the shipping costs. You can avoid wasting time and money and actually make a research and determine your shipping costs. The shipping costs usually depend on the shipping carrier you use, and things such as fuel surcharges, Saturday delivery, residential delivery charges, delivery signatures, and etc.


5. Track the shipping supplies – We suppose that you have invested a few hours into managing the product inventory, but did you consider your shipping supplies? Not tracking your shipping supplies is a huge mistake. The shipping supplies are necessary to send products to your customer. By tracking them, you can establish re-order points and make sure you never run out of supplies.

6. Be prepared for changes from carriers – You should always be prepared for changes from the shipping carriers because if your not, your business may suffer. The shipping prices, as well as, policies change almost every year and usually, the changes happen at the beginning of the year. Two of the most common changes are decreasing costs for electronic postage and DIM weight.

By knowing how to avoid common shipping mistakes you will be on your way to managing your shipping online successfully and running your store without any problem.


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