Cart abandonment is a significant issue for a large number of e-commerce businesses. The leading cause of this problem is unclear shipping information. As a customer, you want an assurance that you will receive what you order at the right time, in the proper nature, and at a convenient place. Unless the seller proves this, proceeding to the payment processing remains a riddle.

Consequently, the rate of cart abandonment picks an upward trend.  For this reason, you need a shipment solution that will enable you to enhance transparency. The solution should allow you to offer real-time information on the progress of the shipment process. But how do you distinguish a reliable shipping software from the rest? Here are three elements you should focus on:

Packaging slip and shipping labels printing

Successful shipping relies on credible packaging and labelling. To deliver a product to the right customer, you must attach collect shipping labels on each luggage before initiating the shipping process. In this essence, your solution of choice must have the ability to print shipping labels and packaging slips with the collect customer destination and contact information.

If you leave out the task to humans, complaints of wrong deliveries will become the usual trends. Accurate labelling and packaging will fasten your shipment. Also, it will help you to avoid unnecessary costs due to wrong deliveries. Hence ensure the shipping solution you choose has this capability.

Shipping rate comparison

Comparing shipping rate is a crucial idea. Either you are an online seller or brick or mortar merchant, going for the affordable shipping option is the cradle. Only a playful businessperson can ignore the cheaper option for shipping their orders to customers. However, comparing rates should not be a hard task. You do not need to log on various multi-carrier shipping providers sites or visit their offices to know what they charge.

With a good shipping solution, this is an easy task. Hence, ensure you select the one that offers you the opportunity to access real-time rates of the prolific carrier service providers.

Ability to integrate with other systems

It is not a proverb that the success of any business relies on its ability to have a stable and seamless system. This means all software and solutions are integrated and working as a single system. As such, when adding solution, it must follow suit. Your shipping solution should have the capability to integrate with the entire business system without injuring current operations.

And that’s how a good shipping solution should be.