The general rule of business is profit making. No investor including you can put their hard-earned resources on a loss-making venture. However, there are no alternative ways of making a profit in business. The secret is offering satisfactory services to the customers by ensuring effective order fulfilment and shipment. By this, you put a smile on your customer which guarantees you a regular flow of sales.

Also, one happy customer brings to you two more. This way, your business experiences a stable growth and expansion. The reliable and well-coordinated shipping is the core of enhancing your profit. If you aim to increase your returns, here are 3 unique shipping approaches to enable you to achieve the goal:

One-day/ same day delivery

When operating a business, it is certain that you have local and international customers. These customers require special treatment and order deliveries. If a customer is within your reach, it is not a good idea to keep them waiting for days before receiving their products. Having a same-day delivery option is a great way to enhance your sales. When a customer knows that they will get their products in the evening after placing an order in the morning, there is certainty that they will keep coming for more. Also, they will recommend your shop to their peers. This way, your earnings will increase.

Free shipping

No one hates freebies. Whether you make a million dollar per day or $10, you will always go for free services. Why? You will add a coin in your pocket. With the rise of e-commerce free shipping is becoming a necessity. Before a customer presses the pay processing button, they look whether you are charging some shipment fees. Nevertheless, you should not offer free shipping at your expense. If the customer does not cater to the shipping charges, it means that you are the one to go into your pocket. So, you must have set standards on how one qualifies for this service. Also, you need to come up with a process of accounting for the expenses. Here, you can add a universal percentage to the prices. Or else, you put bulky buying as a major free shipping requirement.

Charging flat rates

One way of encouraging bulky buying in your store is charging flat shipping. As customers seek to save on their expenses, they will buy several items at a go. To you, this will be again. Hence, if you want to enhance your business returns, charging flat shipping rates is a wise idea.